The OPP and provincial government are attempting to change the way we pay for policing in Ontario.  If this proposed new billing model is implemented, Carling's policing costs would increase by almost 5 times from $131,944 annually to over $634,311.  To cover this enormous cost increases, we would require a 15% tax increase or significant reductions to our already lean municipal services.

Carling Township Council is strongly opposed to this new model and believe the potential cost impacts to be completely unacceptable and unaffordable in our rural municipality.  The provincial government is being extremely unfair to the property taxpayers in rural Ontario and we are asking that you partner with us to get our voices heard at Queen's Park.


Carling Council is asking for your participation in a letter writing campaign for reconsideration of the funding model.  Please join us in sending your concerns to the Premier Wynne, Minister Yasir Naqvi, who is responsible for the OPP, and your home residence (local) MPP.


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