Township of Carling
The Corporation of the Township Carling

M I N U T E S    
Thursday, April 16, 2015
Council Chambers
2 West Carling Bay Rd., Nobel, Ontario


Council Members Present:  Mayor:   Mike Konoval
Councillors:  Gord Harrison, Susan Murphy, Terry Gilbert, Steven Crookshank

Staff Present:    Donna Besman, CAO/Clerk
Maryann Weaver – Deputy Clerk/Planning Assistant


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.


       Overall tax rate and 2015 budget

Council discussed the updated budget numbers.  Council agreed to a 2% increase to the municipal tax rate as the education tax component has dropped this year.

       Great Lakes membership

Council discussed the Great Lakes membership and agreed that although it was a good organization it wasn’t beneficial to continue with the membership at this time.

       Council extended health coverage

Staff reviewed with Council some of the benefits of their current benefit plan.  Council agreed to stay with the current coverage, but directed staff to look into costs of other packages for comparison purposes.

       Access Points

Council had a brief discussion around the water access points and municipal responsibility to continue to expand these sites.  Council agreed to let the Water Access Committee meet and discuss, then bring forward their recommendations.

       Fire Building

Matter was deferred until Council had an overall review of the Fire Department.

       Fire Pumper

Council discussed the need for a new fire pumper truck as indicated by the Fire Chief at the previous meeting.  

Councillor Harrison reported that the Fire Chief will be presenting a 50 year capital plan to Council in the near future.

       Digital Radio System

Council discussed the possible switch from the analog radio system to digital.  Councillor Harrison reported that the Fire Chief is meeting with Telequip to obtain more information and investigate costs.


Meeting adjourned at 11:09 a.m.


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Mike Konoval, Mayor                         Donna Besman, CAO/Clerk


2 West Carling Bay Road
Nobel, Ontario
P0G 1G0

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