The Corporation of the Township Carling

M I N U T E S    

Friday, May 13, 2013

Council Chambers

2 West Carling Bay Rd., Nobel, Ontario


Council Members Present:             Mayor:                        Gord Harrison

Councillors:                                                                            Susan Murphy

                                                                                                Sid Larson

                                                                                                Michael Gordon

                                                                                                Mike Konoval


Council Members Absent:               Councillor:                             


Staff Present:Stephen Kaegi - Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk

Doug Vock – Chief Building Official

Joe Ryman – Public Works Superintendent


1.         CALL TO ORDER

            The Mayor called the meeting to order at 3:25 p.m.

2.         DEPUTATION

Mr. Colin Dobel spoke to Council regarding his “Stop the Drop” campaign from its inception to its goals. It is the objective to use this website as an educational tool for all ages and educate the public about the impact of low water on all Great Lakes and on both sides of the border. It is the goal to have twenty thousand individuals signed up on the website by the end of the summer and then fifty thousand by the end of the summer in 2014.

The request to the Township is to provide visibility for the campaign through the Townships website.


Mr. Dyer spoke to Council regarding the congestion that takes place at Snug Harbour and a potential solution by relocating the use by residents and local businesses to another access point.

Mr. Dyer asked if residents and White Squall could utilize Fitzgerald beach as a launching point for non-motorized vessels such as kayaks and canoes.

Council agreed to allow a trial period that would allow Carling residents and businesses to utilize Fitzgerald Beach as a launching point for non-motorized craft. Council directed staff to monitor the usage of the site.


4.         DOG IMPOUND

 Doug Vock, CBO discussed with Council the cost of dealing with stray or feral cats. Council agreed that no action be taken at this time as the cost was too prohibitive.



Council discussed with the Public Works Superintendent the potential to hold Free Large Item Days at the various sites. It was the consensus of Council to not proceed as the landfill site has limited capacity.

The request for holding a rabies clinic was discussed however the requirements to meet the veterinarian needs was just too significant to be viable at this time. Council indicated that there are other options open to residents that do not impact the township financially.

The issue of low water levels and stranded communities was discussed by Council and if the federal and provincial levels of government come forward with a financial package staff are to bring forward a policy that would outline how these funds would be accessed and supported by the township.

The Mayor raised the issue of social media and what if any media form should be pursued by the township. Council asked staff to invite a consultant in to speak to this issue at a future meeting.

Council was informed by the Public Works Superintendent that the Swim Program would be taking place as a swim instructor has now be interviewed and interested in running the program here in Carling.


 6.         CLOSED MEETING

                                                            Moved by Councillor Larson

                                                            Seconded by Councillor Gordon

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Committee of the Whole move into a CLOSED MEETING at 5:15 p.m., pursuant to Section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001,S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended to deal with legal matters regarding the proposed Lease Agreement, the relocation of a dock on Township property as well as a potential by-law enforcement issue.


Mayor Harrison declared a pecuniary interest in dealing with the relocation of a dock.

Mayor Harrison resumed his seat following the discussion on the dock.          


 7.         OPEN MEETING

                                                                        Moved by Councillor Murphy

                                                                        Seconded by Councillor Gordon

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council move out of a CLOSED MEETING at 5:50 p.m.


 8.         ADJOURNMENT

            Meeting adjourned at 5:51 p.m.





Gord Harrison, Mayor                                   Stephen P. Kaegi, CAO/Clerk

2 West Carling Bay Road
Nobel, Ontario
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