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The Corporation of the Township Carling


M I N U T E S    
Friday, October 14, 2012
Council Chambers
2 West Carling Bay Rd., Nobel, Ontario


Council Members Present:         Mayor:        Gord Harrison
Councillors:      Susan Murphy, Michael Gordon, Mike Konoval, Sid Larson

Council Members Absent:                
Staff Present:    Stephen Kaegi - Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
                           Maryann Sidon – Deputy Clerk/Planning Assistant
                           Doug Vock – Chief Building Official
                           Joe Ryman – Public Works Superintendent
                           Kevin Hutton – Fire Chief
                           Wendy Hawes – Treasurer
                           LeeAnn Bormann – Deputy Treasurer


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.m.

Terrilynne Bannon, Municipal Relations Representative and Anne Haines Manager spoke to Council about the 2012 Assessment update and local trends. The reassessment notices to ratepayers are to be delivered to Canada Post on October 16 for residential, farm and managed forest properties. The general trend for waterfront properties in the area is a 19% increase over the four years and the phased-in amount will likely be around 4.75% per year. MPAC will be pushing for ratepayers to use MPAC’s website and specifically the “AboutMyProperty” program which should answer most questions or concerns.


Mr. Gary Bauer, President of the Deep Bay Association presented to Council the Deep Bay Watershed & Lake Management Plan. Mr. Bauer went over the executive summary and the recommendations of the plan and sought Council’s support and assistance for next steps.

Council suggested that the Association look carefully at the documents recommendations and then look at the current Official Plan and see if they could identify three to four changes that they felt the township should consider amending when undertaking the formal Official Plan Review. One area that Council felt should be looked at in 2013 was the merging and streamlining of water quality programs and data being collected by various bodies.

    Franklin Island

The Public Works Superintendent presented a report showing the costing of the program for 2012 and sought direction as for the 2013 budget. Two applications have been submitted for funding under the Great Lake Protection program which would cover a significant amount of the cost for running this program in 2013.

   Sand Bay Road

Council was updated on the project and the ability to add the resort area as well as the feeder roads into the project without going over the tendered amount.

   Hydro Pole Relocation

In order to address safety concerns and the need to upgrade the service to the ball field and other facilities the pole will be removed and the service redirected to the Change/Concession Building. Three quotes are currently being sought and the plan is to have this change made this fall.

   Sawdust Bay Hill

The proposal is to shift the road to the west as far as possible thus further removing the concern of the road sliding any further. The proposed movement would also deal with the issue of the poor base to the road, allow the installation of guard rails and alleviate further maintenance issues.

   Portable Office

It was the consensus of Council that the building be sold as it was not required to be retained by the municipality.

The Committee of the Whole recessed for lunch.

Duncan Ross the consultant for the project submitted his report showing the adjustments after receiving all of the additional material as requested to his questions regarding their tenders. The consultant then went on to outline and compare the pro’s and con’s of the two low bidders Cowden Woods and Greystone.

Council and staff posed various questions to the consultant about the buildings and designs and at the end it was the consensus that they selected Cowden Woods conditional on a subsequent meeting to be held with the firm and staff and satisfactory answers received to questions. Councillor Konoval asked to attend the meeting and Council agreed.

The Fire Chief presented the third quarter figures for the department and gave a brief background on each area outlined in the report. The Fire Chief reported that currently there are eighteen volunteers and that he will be seeking to find three additional volunteers who would be available for day coverage. A review will also be undertaken to see if the department can reduce the numbers responding to medical assist calls from approximately four down to two. As well the department will be seeking to recoup costs by invoicing Ontario Hydro for calls that involve power lines.


     Fire Department

The need has been identified for the replacement of existing breathing apparatus at a projected cost of $40,000 and they should have a life span of approximately 10 years.

     Public Works


Council was presented with the following proposed road works for 2013; the surface treatment of Pengally Bay #1 and Shebeshekong Estates Road; improvements and surface treating of Pengally Bay #2 and feeder roads as well as Blind Bay Road; and the work to the hill on Sawdust Bay Road.


Council informed that to extend the life of Killbear the Township need to undertake landfill mining which should extend the lifespan of the site.

     Parks & Recreation

Projects identified include improvements to the ball park, the outside grounds of the Recreation Hall, and the new Beacon Point Parkete.

    Access Points

Proposed work to be considered in 2013 is for the Snug Harbour Dock and various parking areas at access points.

    Building & By-law Enforcement

Council informed that the Conservation Authority is to make a presentation at November Committee meeting regarding various options for a septic re-inspection program.

In addition various By-law Enforcement options will be forthcoming at the November Committee meeting for Council’s consideration if they wish to see an increase in enforcement levels.

The final area covered was a brief update on the Recreation Committees request for additional items and renovations which will cost in the area of $15,000 to $25,000. One pressing need is for the construction of a storage facility of approximately 12’ by 16’ outside the back of the recreation hall to store equipment as the current usage of the utility and furnace rooms are inappropriate and unsafe.

Council directed staff to revisit the Snug Harbour parking area with the MNR biologist to see what it would take to expand the parking area in depth and report back to Council. In addition the parking meter concept was dropped and staff is to explore other options.


                        Moved by Councillor Konoval
                        Seconded by Councillor Gordon

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council as Committee of the Whole move into a CLOSED MEETING at 3:48 p.m., pursuant to Section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended to deal with legal matters pertaining to OMB case.    


                        Moved by Councillor Murphy
                        Seconded by Councillor Larson

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council as Committee of the Whole move out of a CLOSED MEETING at 3:58 p.m.



    Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


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