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M I N U T E S    
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Council Chambers
2 West Carling Bay Rd., Nobel, Ontario

Council Members Present:         Mayor:        Gord Harrison
Councillors:                              Susan Murphy, Michael Gordon, Sid Larson, Mike Konoval

Council Members Absent:            
Staff Present:    Stephen Kaegi - Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
Maryann Sidon – Deputy Clerk/Planning Assistant
Doug Vock – Chief Building Official
Joe Ryman – Public Works Superintendent


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. in the Fire Hall.


Mr. Ross gave Council an update on the Phase II proposal of the project the Public Works facility. Council discussed various issues with Mr. Ross regarding the next phase and specifically whether a new    building would be more appropriate than a renovation. As well concern was raised about the change in costing verses his original estimates.

Council requested that a special meeting be scheduled for May 28 to go over financial numbers as well as the Architects review on the change in estimates from previous reports as well as providing comparable costs to similar structures.


The Public Works Superintendent discussed with Council the reconstruction project for Sand Bay Road. The discussion revolved around timing, safety and a potential by-pass that would avoid the resorts.

Council decided that the section of road that cuts through resorts and that could be potential involved in a by-pass would be left out of the construction work. Council also determined that the construction could not take place in July or August and that the surface treatment would then likely occur in 2013.

In respect to safety concerns, the Public Works Superintendent is to look at all options and bring forth proposals to try to alleviate these issues through the resort section of the road.

Council is recommending that the new name for the road at the Woods Road Interchange be called Industrial Parkway and direct staff to forward this name to the Ministry of Transportation.

The Public Works Superintendent informed Council that only minor repairs are scheduled for Hwy 559 and that no major reconstruction work is planned in the foreseeable future.


The Chief Building Official spoke to Council regarding the new By-law and the proposed changes. Council asked for clarification on certain aspects and made some minor modifications to ensure clarity.


Mayor Harrison informed Council about the Township installing a sign at the future Beacon Point Park just to ensure the residents know that at some point and time this site will be developed. As well Mayor Harrison raised concern over the parking space available at Sawdust Bay and that this may need to be expanded to more adequately serve the needs of the area.

Council discussed the area the Township has near Carling Bay Marina and the request to have a dock for a lot across from the property to be provided in perpetuity. Council felt that this request was not in the best interest of the Township and directed staff to inform proponent that his request has been denied.


    Meeting adjourned at 6:58 p.m.


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Gord Harrison, Mayor                    Stephen P. Kaegi, CAO/Clerk

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