M I N U T E S    
Friday, March 9, 2012
Council Chambers
2 West Carling Bay Rd., Nobel, Ontario

Council Members Present:         Mayor:        Gord Harrison
Councillors:                            Susan Murphy, Michael Gordon, Sid Larson, Mike Konoval

Council Members Absent:            
Staff Present:    Stephen Kaegi - Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
                       Maryann Sidon – Deputy Clerk/Planning Assistant
                       John Jackson – Planning Consultant
                       Doug Vock – Chief Building Official
                       Joe Ryman – Public Works Superintendent
                       Wendy Hawes – Treasurer
                       LeeAnn Bormann – Deputy Treasurer
                       Kevin Hutton – Fire Chief


    The Mayor called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. in the Fire Hall.


    Mr. Ross gave Council an update on the Administrative Building and then his proposal for Phase II of the project the Public Works facility. Council discussed various issues with Mr. Ross regarding the next phase and the items involved as well as the timing of the construction. Concern was expressed as how this next phase will unfold and the potential impact on public works operations.


    The Public Works Superintendent is to investigate the possibility to undertake winter burials.

    Council discussed the issue of bike lanes on Highway 559 and the meeting held with Norm Miller at ROMA/OGRA Conference. Council would like to meet with interested parties in the fall and then make a presentation to MTO.

    Council discussed the proposed reconstruction and upgrading of Sand Bay Road. It was the consensus that the project proceed in 2012.


                    Moved by Councillor Larson
                    Seconded by Councillor Konoval

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Committee of the Whole move into a CLOSED MEETING at 11:30 a.m., pursuant to Section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended to deal with legal (OMB) and property matters.


5.    OPEN MEETING    
                    Moved by Councillor Murphy
                    Seconded by Councillor Gordon

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Committee of the Whole move out of a CLOSED MEETING at 12:45 p.m.


    Council recessed for lunch.


The Fire Chief presented a proposal to amend the burning by-law that would require permits to be issued all year round as well as altering the locations as to where a ratepayer could acquire such a permit.

Council gave its general agreement to the proposals and a by-law is to be forthcoming.

The Fire Chief discussed a recent call that involved the Fire Department leaving the Township and responding to a call in an area where they have no agreement. The Fire Chief is to prepare and investigate potential options that would ensure that this would not take place unless an agreement is in place thus protecting the Township and its volunteers.


Councillor Konoval mentioned that at the ROMA/OGRA Conference a potential partner in this venture could be the Georgian Bay Land Trust as well as private property owners.

Council discussed with the Treasurer changes that have been made to the budget since the last meeting. The issue of debentures and capital projects was discussed and Council after debate agreed to proceed with the Public Works Facility and the Sand Bay Road work. As a result of these capital projects, Council directed staff to finalize the budget with a 4% mill rate increase.


                           Moved by Councillor Konoval
                    Seconded by Councillor Gordon

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council move into a closed meeting at 3:25 p.m. to discuss personnel matters.


                           Moved by Councillor Murphy
                    Seconded by Councillor Larson

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council move into an open meeting at 3:47 p.m.



    Meeting adjourned at 3:48 p.m.


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Gord Harrison, Mayor                      Stephen P. Kaegi, CAO/Clerk

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Nobel, Ontario
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